Warlingham Park School has a dedicated team of teaching and support staff, many of whom have been with the school for many years, ensuring continuity and an exceptional standard of learning and support.

Senior Leadership Team

Mrs S Buist

Mrs M Gravett

Academic Staff

Headteacher/SENCO/Deputy DSL

Deputy Head/DSL


Teaching Assistants

Class 7 Teacher 
Class 6 Teacher 
Class 5 Teacher 
Class 4 Teacher
Class 3 Teacher 
Class 2 Teacher
Class 1 Teacher

Pre-School 2 Teacher
Pre-School 1 Teacher

Class 6

Class 4

Class 3

Class 2

Class 1

Pre-School 2

Pre-School 1

Mrs G Phillips
Mrs M Gravett
Mrs N Fairchild
Mrs A Shepherd
Mrs M Bird
Mrs J Riviere
Mrs A Zsarnovszky

Mrs J Winter
Mrs S Swaby

Mrs C Amos

Ms L Radford

Mrs J Williams

Mrs S Reid

Mrs S Reid

Mrs P Reid

Mrs R Jones

Mrs T Lloyd

Specialist Teachers

Music Teacher

French Teacher

PE Teacher

Forest Schools Leader

Football Coach

Swimming Coach

Football Coach

Mr R Clark

Mrs N Fairchild

Ms L Radford

Mrs A Shepherd

Mr J Uzun

Mrs L Fraser

Mr R Jennings

Visiting Music Teachers



Mr R Clark

Mr A Haines

Administrative Staff

School Secretary

Finance Director

Marketing Manager

Mrs H Daly

Mrs N Cornish

Mrs C Hedmann

Nursery Staff

Nursery Leader

Nursery Coordinator

Nursery Coordinator

Nursery Coordinator


Mrs S Lambert

Mrs S Brown

Mrs T Davies

Miss E Edwards

Other Staff




Mrs P Hills

Mrs A Sonday

Mrs B Finch

The school also benefits from a pool of highly qualified DBS checked volunteer staff who assist with reading every day. 

Warlingham Park School

Chelsham Common



Tel: 01883 626844


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