Summer Term 2022

Term StartsTuesday 26th April
Half Term StartsMonday 30th May
Half Term EndsFriday 3rd June
Term EndsFriday 8th  July

Autumn Term 2022

Term StartsMonday 5th September
Half Term StartsMonday 17th October
Half Term EndsFriday 28th October
Term EndsWednesday 14th December

Spring Term 2023

Term StartsWednesday 4th January
Half Term StartsMonday 13th February
Half Term EndsFriday 17th February
Term EndsWednesday 29th March

Summer Term 2023

Term StartsTuesday 18th April
Half Term StartsMonday 29th May
Half Term EndsFriday 2nd June
Term EndsFriday 7th July

All terms end at 12:15pm for Nursery and Pre-School and at 12:30pm for Main School.