Day 1

We arrived safely and are now settling into our new home for the week.

Annabelle’s Diary Entry – Day 1

Monday 20th May

Today we were travelling to the Peak District. We arrived at 4.30 and after unpacking, we played int the huge garden. We had pizza for dinner with garlic bread and fries. Caitlin and I washed up.

After dinner we baked a cake for Mrs Buist’s birthday. Then we went for an amazing walk and I took loads of pictures. We’ve only just got back. My favourite bit of the day was when we saw the lambs frolicking but it was all great!

Joe’s Diary Entry – Day 2

Tuesday 21st May

Today we went to Alton Towers and went on all the scariest rides. My personal favourite was the Smiler and Nemesis but we all liked the Smiler the best! We went on, in order: Wicker Man (which is a horror story at the start and it was all made out of wood) Glactica (fly like Superman and does a spin) Blade (like the pirate ship from other places but bigger); Nemesis (like Vampire from Chessington but times 100 and does a spin) River Rapids (like normal rapid but rougher) Runaway Train (the slowest we went on but still really fast)  Spinball Wizzer (like Dragons Fury from Chessington but more mental) The Smiler (was the longest I have been on. It had lots of loops, really fun, #smile) Oblivion (massive vertical drop) Th13teen (bit scary because you think it is over and then, you drop and  backwards) Rita (goes 60mph so super fast).  Then we went on Spinball again.

I personally think Th13teen is the scariest but Albi and Oliver thought is was Rita.

Day 3 – Walking in the Peak District

Caitlin’s Diary Entry – Day 3

Wednesday 22nd May

Today we went on a hiking trip, which to me felt like it took 113 hours but it was still really fun. We travelled up about 2 hills, one of which was 90m from being a mountain! We saw lots of lambs and cows and a beautiful views. We went through farmlands, moors woodlands, fields and ponds as we reached I think the highest hill I’ve ever been on.

Halfway there, we stopped for ice cream and I had a Mr Bubble which makes your tongue turn blue. Then the ice cream man gave us a free Sprite because he dropped it. When we got to the mountain top, I think everyone was extremely tired so we had another rest. The most scary part was when we went down the hill but the most fun part was when we sat on the huge rocks and had some of our sweets. When we got to our last hill there was a pond made from rain water on top of the cliff. In total we walked 8.4miles!

For our dinner, we had a barbeque then went to bed after watching Shrek 2.

Albi’s Diary Entry – Day 4

Thursday 23rd May

Today we went to Chatsworth House. We went to the farm and saw pigs, chickens, goats, sheep, guinea pigs and rabbits. We then went to the adventure playground. After that, we went to the maze and the boys got there first! The views allowed you see for miles, and the ice cream was the best even though I had a Calipo. The house was gigantic and the land felt like it never ended.