Follow the journey of our “Incredible Eggs” as they develop into Ducklings

Monday 25th February

The eggs were delivered and put into the incubator in the special cage outside Mrs Buist, the head teacher’s office

Wednesday 27th February

The first ducklings were hatched and pupils were able to see them coming out of the eggs

Thursday 28th February

The ducklings have all hatched now and are very fluffy. The children are being able to stroke them under a member of staffs supervision. They are looking forward to selecting names for them from the suggestion box tomorrow.

Monday 4th March

The ducklings are quite at home now – check out a little video of them. The children have also been busy at work learning all about the ducklings and filling up the Incredible Ducks board.

Wednesday 6th March

The children got to take the ducklings outside and they had great fun splashing in the water.