Excellence in English, from the ability to read to an appreciation of literature and the capacity to write creatively, begins from day one. 

An hour of every day in the Infant department is dedicated to developing phonics, reading, writing, handwriting, speaking and listening which usually takes place first thing in the morning.  Children read with an adult daily at school and are encouraged to do the same at home to improve their fluency and understanding.  As the children progress through the school, reading ability is rewarded with certificates of achievement.


In Juniors, pupils take on greater autonomy in writing creatively and expressing themselves in the written word.  They are introduced to different forms of poetry including the War and Victorian poets.  Classes 5 and 6 are introduced to a wider appreciation of literature and criticism through performing and reading Shakespeare.  Reading comprehension lessons teach children an appreciation for a range of fiction and non-fiction works and ensure that they are well-prepared for their entrance examinations and SATs tests in  Class 7.


A love for our language is actively encouraged across our school.  Well-known authors such as Anne Fine and Jeremy Strong have visited to share their love of literature.  There are book weeks where children are invited to dress-up as a character from their favourite book and an annual Poetry Competition where children choose and recite a poem on a chosen theme.  This formal speaking competition, held across the school, provides an opportunity for children to develop great confidence in spoken English and public speaking.  

English lessons cover a well-structured phonics programme that provides the essential building block to progress in reading and writing.

Weekly library sessions develop a love of reading for pleasure.  

English lessons cover a well-sturctured phoics programme that provides the essential building block to progress in reading and writing.

Daily class stories introduce children to our varied literary heritage.

Discussions around ideas for composition, collecting ideas and planning encourage fluency and creativity in language.

Dedicated sessions in grammar, punctuation, spelling and phonics develop a wide cross-curricular vocabulary.

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