My Memories of WPS by Class 7

This term, as part of their ICT lessons, Class 7 are building their own website page.  In one lesson the children brought in a camera and used it to take photographs of the school.  In the next lesson they learnt about the ''World Wide Web' generally and also used resources such as and mozilla thimble to write some of their own web code - in html.  They are now starting to build their page - the results of which are in progress - see below. 


Alex Allen

This Picture gives me a memory because it is where my favourite school ball was kicked on the roof of the school after the other children had made fun of me giving it names!!!!!!!!!!

My desks are my favourite memory because they are helpful and I love them very much, storing my school things and giving me hugs every day, even when they have been bashed and battered!

William Davies

Long Jump is my thing

This is where I had my first PE lesson.

Cameron Hamilton-Campbell

To follow

To follow

Jason Hughes

The stage has reminded me when I acted my part in the amazing plays.

The school bus I have picked because it has taken me on so many adventures.

Joshua Lloyd

I like remembering the people that were great inventors and famous people.

My first art lesson was in here I now love art.

Matthew Sexton

The stage in the Sexton Hall reminds me of memorable plays I have performed.

I have painted and drawn many pieces of art that I will remember for a long time.

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