Warlingham Park are pleased to announce the introduction of scholarships for the Junior School from September 2019.  Securing a scholarship will result in a percentage reduction in school fees.

​These will be academic scholarships available for pupils looking to enter the school in year 3 (class 4) and will be offered to provide pupils with the opportunity to focus on achieving their full potential to ensure they achieve offers for their senior school of choice – whether that be private, grammar or state.

​Warlingham Park has a great record of pupils achieving offers for their first choice of school over the year including a range of scholarships.  The  Junior School offers many opportunities, including small classes which allow personalised support to ensure the children develop into motivated and independent learners. It also offers specialist teaching in a range of subjects including music, languages and PE as well as the traditional key subjects.  This affords them exposure to the expertise and challenge of high quality teaching and also prepares them for the experience of secondary school in terms of organisation and homework preparation.

They are taught the values of perseverance and determination to develop lifelong learning skills.  Hard work is balanced with the opportunity for class trips, concert preparations and our much-anticipated drama productions. Pupils in the top Junior class enjoy a residential trip to celebrate the end of their SATs exams.

There is also an 11 plus preparation club, which focuses on how to prepare for exams, plus additional support in interview technique and advice to parents on secondary transfer.

The process for applying for scholarships includes academic testing plus an interview with the pupil and parents/guardians.  To find out more about how to apply please email your interest to the Headteacher.

Gaining a scholarship does mean a higher degree of expectation and responsibility and therefore scholarships are reviewed annually by the Headteacher.

Bursaries are also occasionally offered on an individual case by case basis.  More information from the Headteacher.

Headteacher’s email: sbuist@warlinghamparkschool.com