Technology and design is the life-blood of the curriculum at Warlingham Park School and is the basis on which Stuart Sexton built the foundation of the current school in 1986. The standard of achievement by all pupils in this subject is exceptional. Technology and design gives pupils solid practical exposure to scientific and mathematical concepts not normally explored at primary level.

Children as young as three years old can begin their journey into learning about design and technology. They experience using a wide range of materials and how to use tools correctly and safely. As they progress, they produce design drawings and an assessment sheet for every project.

In Year 2, children face a range of challenges, including designing a vehicle that moves in a straight line in order to understand directly about forces, friction and how it relates to specific materials. Pupils are required to measure and record their results.

In Year 3, pupils learn to make an electrical circuit, learn about pneumatics and use the computers for drawing and assessment.

By Year 4, they develop products as a team and use computers to research and develop products to specification and are assessed on the finished quality of the product. One project includes the design and production of their own string puppet theatre where they are required to research puppets in storytelling literature which has obvious links to English and PSHE.

In Year 5, pupils are expected to produce a complete design folder from specification and research to design and sequencing of construction through to the evaluation of the product. They learn about simple membrane and pressure switches and ergonomics.

In their final year in the school, pupils develop their skills into group, paired and individual work. They construct a survival shelter, a controllable vehicle and develop a product that has to be sold as part of a wider cross-curricular ‘business game’.