Mathematics is a critical part of the educational programme and is integrated into the daily timetable of every class across the school. Our aim is for pupils to leave with a confident, enthusiastic approach to the subject and a passion for problem-solving.

In the Infants, mathematics hinges on stimulating a child’s curiosity and making learning and problem solving relevant to their everyday life. Traditional teaching is combined with computer work so that pupils can test their own mental fluency, consolidate their learning and explore new ways of recording data. Numbers, shapes, measurements, calculations and data handlingare all examined as well as the exploration of mathematical concepts such as puzzle and problem-solving lessons.

In the Juniors basic numeracy skills, such as times tables, are practised and consolidated to ensure that more complex and challenging mathematical tasks can be undertaken. The interactive computer site Mathletics has been introduced and the children enjoy extending their learning through challenges on their own or against other children in the class and across the world!

Children are supported in small classes, which are ideal for focused teaching and learning, and as a result, excellent progress is made. Extension work is applied wherever possible to give children the ability to apply their mathematical skills to problem solving in a practical capacity.