ICT is thoroughly integrated into the curriculum at WPS so that work is meaningful and fit for purpose. The programme is tailored to the needs of individuals and learning is child-led wherever there is an opportunity. This ensures the development of creative thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, independence and confidence in this subject area.

The ICT programme begins with basic word processing skills and mouse control. Drawing, charts, texts, pictures and sound are explored. Pupils are taught touch typing, how to use a website and email responsibly through to learning about more sophisticated software, picture manipulation, modelling, publishing and the production of questionnaires. The aim is to equip every child with the IT skills necessary to succeed at secondary school and beyond in our increasingly technological world.

We are very proud of our school’s ICT Network. Each classroom can now connect via a Local Area Network (LAN) back to a central communications hub where all information is centrally stored and managed.

A new high-speed secure wireless network has also been installed allowing teachers and pupils to connect to the network from anywhere within the school’s extensive grounds. The ICT suite houses high end All-in-Ones PCs that connect back to the secure server. The final piece of the jigsaw is a high-speed Internet connection, WI-FI capability and a secure firewall allowing faster and above all safe connection to the Internet.

Throughout the lockdown period, we have made full use of direct teaching using Zoom alongside Google Classroom for the setting an completion of work and Tapestry in the Early Years