History at Warlingham Park School is brought to life through the study of specific notable figures as well as important dates and events. This ensures that pupils can grasp an understanding of the circumstances surrounding the periods whilst also gaining a feel for life during those times.

Whether it is a study of the Ancient Greeks, the Romans or the Victorians, visits to museums or sites of special interest provide an excellent opportunity to learn about the daily lives of people long ago. In this way it becomes easier for children to bring history to life and enables them to imagine themselves living during the ages being studied.

Popular activities include acting out a Victorian household and holding an Ancient Greek Feast in the classroom. Of particular interest to the older classes are the talks arranged by those with personal experience of recent events of the late 20th century.

Discussions of events in the past are often related to the present day events so that children can see the many valuable lessons that can be learned. In addition, history is shown to affect not just countries and kings but also local towns and villages and everyday folk.