French is taught throughout main school at Warlingham Park School. Emphasis is placed on developing excellence in comprehension, listening and speaking skills and building a wide– range of vocabulary to enable confidence in foreign language acquisition. Children leave our school with a solid grounding in one modern foreigh language which paves the way for them to develop their linguistic skills to an excellent standard at secondary level.

Children acquire these skills through singing songs, role-play, engaging in language games and also through listening to and learning simple stories in French. As their knowledge of vocabulary and grammar develops, written French is introduced so that children begin to recognise sounds in written form.

Each class has lessons structured around half-termly topics which include subjects such as talking about myself, family, school life, daily routines, transport and weather, towns and directions, homes, holidays, leisure activities, sport and food and drink.

French is always taught within the context of culture. Linguistic topics are interwoven with insights and information about France and its way of life. Pupils are encouraged to think about how we relate to France and to explore our relationship with Europe in a wider context. Pupils study French artists, music, history, geography and politics.

A vast array of teaching materials is accessed to provide a uniquely tailored programme of activity for each class. Songs, rhymes, games, interactive programmes and video clips are all used. Additionally, special events are planned and organised throughout the year to enhance the French Curriculum. These may include participating in a European Day of Language or the opportunity to see a French play.