At WPS, drama offers all pupils the opportunity to express their creativity in Music, Art & Design and to develop their spoken fluency in English. Pupils learn how to hold an audience very quickly and in the right way!

Every year group has the opportunity to perform to their parents during the course of each school year. Starting with the Pre-School Nativity performance through to the Infant Nativity and on to the lively, colourful performances of the Junior department.

This year’s audiences were treated to a visit to Alice in Wonderland by classes 6 and 7 and Jonah – A Fishy Tale from classes 4 and 5.

Our theatre, the Sexton Hall, offers an intimate setting for school performances. It houses a huge array of costumes, props, masks, puppets, lights and scenery as well as stage lighting and surround sound system to fully enhance our pupils stage performances.