Situated in an annexe of the school, with its own entrance, garden  and play area, our Pre School provides a spacious yet intimate environment to stimulate and encourage a child’s natural enthusiasm for learning. Achievement is obtained through a seamless blend of free play and teacher-led activities, which included PE, singing and full use of our extensive grounds.

Pre School gradually prepares children for the school environment. They wear school uniform and their time is structured with breaks that mirror the main school environment. Children are encouraged to be independent in thought and action.

The aim of our Pre School is to provide a caring and happy environment where a child’s enthusiasm for learning is stimulated. Children begin their journey through the Early Years Goals in Pre School 1 which include: Personal Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design. Classwork is based around termly topics and includes subjects like Nursery Rhymes, Transport and Animals and achievement is obtained through the right blend of free play and teacher-led activities. Some structured learning such as number work, phonics and writing skills are introduced gently and always at the child’s own pace.

Pre School 1 gradually introduces children to number work, phonics and writing skills, at all times, working to the child’s own learning rate. Pre School 2, which follows on from Pre School 1, continues to build on these learning foundations. Children explore computers and investigate resources both in and outside the classroom.

In Pre School 2 child-led learning is still promoted, however more structured activities are set whilst still allowing children to develop at their own pace. Computers and Design Technology are explored and learning is enhanced with regular play outside and trips to local places of interest.

Throughout their Pre School years, children are encouraged to be independent in thought and action. They join in Main School activities and celebrations where appropriate, such as Sports Day, and also enjoy their own events that include a musical morning and Nativity Play.

Every parent/carer has the opportunity to be involved in their child’s learning, with termly parents evenings, regular musical events and coffee mornings and attendance at Sports Day.

Children are expected to attend Pre-School 5 mornings a week and they also have the option to stay into the afternoon.