Our Junior department encompasses Years 3 to 6 and staff encourage children to develop into motivated and independent learners. Specialist teaching is offered in a range of subjects including music, languages and PE.

The Junior department is housed in the lower floor extension of the school, where there are spacious classrooms and custom-designed areas for the teaching of technology, art, music and science. The Sexton Hall, with its lighting, sound and staging, is the ideal platform for school productions and workshops that are held regularly for our pupils and those from visiting secondary schools both in the independent and state sectors, authors and other guest speakers.

Pupils continue to be taught by a class teacher but, as they move up through the school, they benefit from being taught by more subject specialists and move around the school for many of their lessons. This affords them exposure to the expertise and challenge of teaching from specialist teachers as well as preparing them for the experience of secondary school in terms of organisation and homework preparation.

They continue to be supported by a form teacher from the Junior teaching staff for their pastoral needs. Pupils take on greater responsibility for their learning as they start to independently organise and manage their own work. They are given a programme of homework for each night of the week, again preparing them for secondary school learning.  Children in Years 5 and 6 are also prepared for entry to their choice of secondary schools.

They are taught the value of perseverance and determination to reach their full potential. Hard work is balanced with the opportunity for class trips, concert preparations and our much-anticipated drama productions. Pupils in the top Junior class enjoy a residential trip to celebrate the end of their SATs exams.

Junior pupils benefit from the school’s impressive open space and woodland – extensive for a primary school site. The green and natural surroundings inspire, challenge and motivate our Junior pupils to learn. Our extensive playing fields offer the opportunity for pupils to participate in athletics, cross-country, cricket, rounders, football, netball and hockey with regular fixtures held against other independent and state primary schools.

We value and support the families of our pupils. They play an important part in creating the unique ethos of the school and are vital in contributing to our school development plan. Together they are shaping the future of the school along with our teachers, parents, current and past pupils and friends.