Autumn Parent Discussion Forum


A summary of points raised from the meeting held on Tuesday 18th November:


Can the music room be painted?


The school supports re-decoration of many areas of the building. This comment will be fed back to the Governing Body for them to incorporate into the Estates programme.


Can the outdoor play equipment be cleaned?


The playground is cleaned twice annually with a gentle surface treatment and jet wash. The use of harsh chemicals is not advisable as it can damage the existing surface. The playground can be closed off if there is concern. However, our preference is to keep it open provided care is taken on wet days in particular.


How is medical information shared?


Medical information is regularly updated and is available in the Staff Room and School Office. Class Teachers and Visiting Staff are advised to ensure they are have all the information they require about the children they are teaching. There is always a member on staff on site who is First Aid trained.


Can there be any flexibility on deadlines for homework? Can larger pieces be given over the weekend?


Teaching staff appreciate that it can sometimes be difficult to complete homework on occasion and are always willing to discuss this with you if you. We prefer to keep to a regular routine of homework, as it is better for the children’s progress.


Does Class 4 require extra support being a larger class?


Any class is supported with extra support if there is a learning requirement.  STaffing is arranged accordingly.


Can we do a Carol Concert as a fundraiser?


Mrs King is proposing to do an event with the Parents’ Association to help raise funds for music equipment. The discussion went on to include the possibility of holding a concert and inviting local nurseries.


Does the Marketing Committee try to ensure that Marketing is aimed at girls? Is the singing and performance side of the school advertised to try and get some more girls to join?


The purpose of the last advertising campaign was to attract visitors to the school and raise the school’s profile in the area. Despite depicting a boy in the imagery, there was equal interest from families of both boys and girls to the Open Morning. With the exception of two classes in the school, there are an equal number of boys and girls across the school. The school does not see the need to bias the campaign to girls at this moment in time.  The Committee will however look at other ways of presenting the school. Campaign images are changed regularly to reflect the changing of the seasons and to advertise different events.


Can advertising banners be placed in Selsdon and on the Caterham roundabout?


The Marketing Committee will review the placement of banners for the next Open Morning.


Can flyers be placed in dry cleaners?


Flyers can be placed in dry cleaners and other suitable local businesses to advertise the next Open Morning.


Can the winter hats have the new logo?


When the existing stock has been exhausted, new hats will be produced with the new logo.


A general discussion followed and these points were raised:


  • The Parents’ Association would like to print and circulate a car sticker to help advertise the school.


  • The PA are producing a canvas bag this Christmas and are offering surplus stock to the school at cost for Open Morning stock. Provided all details of the school are present – logo and website – then this would be gratefully received!


  • Can the lunch menu be added to the newsletter?


  • Concern was expressed that the children were not rewarded regularly enough for their achievements in Juniors in particular. MD reiterated that certificates were being awarded by Class Teachers on the basis of individual merit and celebrated in classes. This would become more evident over time.


  • A WPS Children’s Cookery book with recipes from submitted by the children was suggested as a fundraiser for Mother’s Day.


  • A WPS Calendar was suggested as a further idea for a future fundraising idea.


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